Unidentified person at naval base found to be naval officer

SEOUL, South Korea's Navy said Saturday an unidentified person found inside a naval base last week was found to be one of its officers.

On July 4, soldiers on guard duty found the unidentified person near the ammunition depot inside the Navy's Second Fleet Command in Pyeongtaek, 70 kilometers south of Seoul. When asked for a countersign, the person failed to give an answer and ran away, according to the Navy.

Investigators have since looked into the case and concluded on Saturday that the person is one of the members of the fleet who has been standing guard.

"It looks like the person remained silent as he was afraid of the situation getting more serious," a Navy official who asked not to be named said.

Some critics have raised suspicions over the military's attempt to cover up the case, as the defense minister was belatedly made aware of the incident.

Source: Yonhap news Agency

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