UNDP has yet to apply for extension of N. Korea aid program

SEOUL-- The United Nations Development Plan (UNDP) has not applied for the renewal of its North Korea aid program for this year amid the U.N. sanctions against the country's persistent nuclear and missile development, a U.S. broadcaster said Tuesday.

"We've decided to put off the extension of the North Korea program as discussions (on aid to the country) continue," Voice of America said, citing an e-mail from the UNDP public relations office.

The North Korea program for last year was a one-year extension of the program for 2011-2015, and thus needs approval of the UNDP's upcoming regular board meeting if it is executed this year.

The UNDP, however, has yet to submit an application for the program's extension to the board meeting set for May 30 in New York, the broadcaster said.

The agency made no specific comment on whether it will seek the extension at the board meeting in September or next year, the broadcaster said.

The UNDP has provided aid to the North in four sectors -- food, energy, environment and crisis management.

The North Korea program involves six Pyongyang-stationed U.N. agencies including UNICEF, the WFP, WHO and FAO.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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