U.S., China to seek new U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution on N. Korea: report

NEW YORK-- The United States and China are expected to seek a new U.N. Security Council resolution blacklisting more North Korean people and entities in an effort to increase pressure on Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile programs, a news report said Thursday.

U.S. and Chinese diplomats have negotiated new sanctions on Pyongyang for the past five weeks, and the 15-nation Security Council could hold a vote on a draft resolution as early as Friday, citing unidentified diplomats.

The U.S. has been working hard to ramp up pressure on North Korea as the regime defiantly forges ahead with its nuclear and missile programs in an attempt to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the continental U.S.

This year alone, the North has already carried out nine ballistic missile tests.

Also Thursday, the U.S. Treasury Department announced fresh sanctions blacklisting four individuals and 10 entities, including the State Affairs Commission, Pyongyang's highest office, as well as the Korean People's Army and money-making firms.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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