U.N. ambassadors of two Koreas agree to meet often for discussions

South Korean Ambassador to the United Nations Cho Tae-yul had his first meeting with new North Korean Ambassador to the U.N. Kim Song last week and they agreed to meet again often to hold consultations, according to a Facebook post by Cho on Sunday.

Cho said he first met with Kim while attending China's national day reception at the Chinese Mission to the U.N. in New York on Oct. 1.

Kim, who replaced Ja Song-nam as the North's top diplomat at the U.N., presented his credentials to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sept. 20 before formally assuming the post.

Cho posted a photo of himself with Kim on Facebook, saying, "I and Ambassador Kim met and had a conversation during the Chinese national day reception. We also had our photo taken with Chinese Ambassador to the U.N. Ma Zhaoxu."

Regarding his meeting with Kim, Cho said, "We exchanged views on the inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang, the outcome of the South Korea-U.S. summit (in New York), and the U.N. General Assembly schedule. We also spoke about private matters such as family relations and life in New York."

Cho said he and Kim agreed to meet up often to build up their friendship and for necessary discussions.

The U.N. ambassadors of South and North Korea had reportedly avoided each other before the two Koreas improved their relationship through the North's participation in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in the South in February this year.

In June, Cho disclosed a photo taken with the Ja during Russia's national day reception in New York. Cho said at the time, "I and Ambassador Ja have become close enough to exchange opinions on pending inter-Korean and North-U.S. issues. It's a big change compared to last year, when neither of us even exchanged nods."

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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