Trump t visit Krean Demilitarised Zne n Sunday

US President Dnald Trump will visit the demilitarised zne (DMZ) n the Krean Peninsula n Sunday, accrding t Trump's fficial schedule, sent ut by the White Huse, Trend reprt citing Sputnik.

Trump will stay at the DMZ fr 15 minutes, accrding t the dcument.

The schedule des nt include a meeting with Nrth Krean leader Kim Jng-un yet.

Trump is set t pay an fficial visit t Suth Krea frm 29-30 June.

This cmes after the US president n Friday invited Kim via Twitter t meet him at the DMZ in the cming days "just t shake his hand and say Hell."

In 1953, the Krean War terminated, hwever, the sides failed t reach a permanent peace treaty, but cnsented t a ceasefire. The DMZ, where Trump wants t meet Kim, is the n-man's-land separating the scialist Nrth frm the capitalist Suth, a heavily frtified zne emblematic f the standff between the tw sides.

Surce: TREND News Agency

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