Trump: Kim Jong-un wants to resume nuclear talks after Seoul-Washington joint exercise

SEOUL-- U.S. President Donald Trump said Saturday that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un expressed his will to restart negotiations on its nuclear program with the United States "as soon as" the joint military exercise between Seoul and Washington is over.

The North Korean leader also pledged to stop missile launches when the combined exercise ends, according to the president.

"In a letter to me sent by Kim Jong Un, he stated, very nicely, that he would like to meet and start negotiations as soon as the joint U.S./South Korea joint exercise are over," Trump said on Twitter.

On Friday, the president told reporters that he had received another "very beautiful" letter from Kim the previous day, in which the leader expressed his displeasure with the allied exercises.

South Korea and the U.S. are scheduled to stage their Combined Command Post Training over 10 days starting Sunday, following four days of "crisis management staff training" that began Monday.

Trump then tweeted that he looks forward to seeing Kim "in the not too distant future," noting that a nuclear-free North Korea will become "one of the most successful countries in the world."

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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