Transfer of 5 Tigers, Khlong Luang Police Station – ordered to close for 5 years, illegal pub in Rangsit area

Pathum Thani, Pathum Thani Commander orders the transfer of 5 Tigers from Khlong Luang Police Station as an offering to the operation. "Rangsit is evil." The governor is serious and has summoned police chiefs from all 14 police stations and district chiefs in the entire province. Including 234 entrepreneurs making law enforcement MOUs. Pol. Maj. Gen. Yutthana Jonkhun, commander of the Pathum Thani Provincial Police Department, revealed that from the case of the Department of Provincial Administration visiting the area to inspect entertainment venues in the Rangsit area. Pathum Thani Province in the operating name 'Rangsit is bad' last night, January 6th. A committee was set up to investigate the facts. Along with an order for 5 Tigers from Khlong Luang Police Station to perform duties at the Pathum Thani Provincial Police Operations Center. Initially, there was an order to help 15 days ago for inspection. If the inspection has not been completed, there will be further orders. Meanwhile, yesterday (January 8) at the Bualuang meeting room, 5th floor, Pathum Thani City Hall, Mr. Phasakorn Bunyalak, Governor of Pathum Thani Province, invited 17 related agencies to a meeting to discuss the incident. before revealing that The results of the arrests showed that there were 489 youths under 20 years of age, considered a very high number. He therefore consulted with the Pol. Maj. Gen. Yutthana Jonkhun, commander of the Pathum Thani Provincial Police Department. All along how to proceed Due to the need to integrate many departments together. Before reaching a conclusion, there is the issue of neglect. It is necessary to set up a committee to investigate the facts of the local area. Both in the Khlong Luang District and Khlong Luang Police Station, after that administrative measures will be taken against the officials while waiting for the investigation. In the establishment section Today, representatives or owners of entrepreneurs from all over the province have been invited to 234 places, including Pathum Thani Provinc e itself. There was a royal decree in 2018 that provinces cannot request to set up new service locations. Therefore, there are still 14 places with the same licenses. If there is a continuing license, they can open for business as usual. But the rest are 234 establishments that are similar to service establishments. Today, we have asked for cooperation to explain and understand the reasons for the operation. For entrepreneurs, cooperation has been requested regarding social responsibility as well. In particular, children under 20 years of age are not allowed to use the service. As for the autonomy, orders have already been signed. Set up a committee to investigate the facts. which in the part of the Permanent Secretary for Security of Khlong Luang District He himself had ordered him to help with government work in Pathum Thani Province first. As for the district chief It is a high level position. Must use the power of the Department of Provincial Administration which has already been reported to the departme nt It will be fair to be able to explain and show reasons if you have not neglected or made any mistakes on this page. The chairman of the committee will listen after the investigation is complete and it will be a list of the Department of Provincial Administration. and the Ministry of Interior As for the aforementioned pub An order was issued to temporarily stop using the building in accordance with Building Control Act and proceed according to The Criminal Justice Department orders operators to explain reasons for no more than 2 weeks, along with an order to close the establishment for the next 5 years. Source: Thai News Agency

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