Tourist industry remains stable: culture minister

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Cho Yoonsun held talks to examine the current status of the tourist industry on Dec. 11. At the talks, the culture minister discussed the current industry conditions and plans that the government intends to pursue in order to keep the industry on track.

"The leadership of Acting President and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn took effect immediately after the impeachment motion and the government is taking every measure to minimize any government vacuum concerning the economy, public order and security," said the minister. "Our economic indicators, such as exchange rates and stock prices, which are the elements most vulnerable to exogenous variables, are being dealt with in a stable manner," the minister stressed.

"The tourist industry is and will be controlled in a stable manner, in order to prevent a decline in international tourism in Korea. Furthermore, more care should be taken to keep the domestic tourism industry running," the minister said.

Following the meeting, Minister Cho paid a visit to Myeongdong, one of Seoul's busiest shopping districts, where she encouraged the tourist police who provide assistance and interpretation services for the convenience of tourists visiting the area. She also spoke with vendors whose businesses attract the highest number of international tourists in the neighborhood.


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