“The Ultimate Guide to Owning Your Life”

On October 17, UNIST will hold another edition of the "Science + Humanities Lecture Series", as part of the 2016 Science Walden Concert.

The Science and Humanities Lecture Series is open to the public and all staff and students are encouraged to attend. This event, consisting of five consecutive lectures brings together artists, scientists, and academics who want to engage in discussion at the intersection of science, art, and humanities.

The fourth lecturer of this year's Science Walden Concert is Prof. Jin Seok Choi of Department of Philosophy at Sogang University, presenting "Own Your Mind, Own Your Life: How to Live in Pursuit of Excellence".

In this talk, Prof. Choi will talk about how to take ownership of your life and circumstances, and live in pursuit of excellence. He pointed out people today have lost the ability to think on their own due to the external forces outside their control. Prof. Choi then advise people "To take ownership of your life, you must love your life and focus a little bit more on yours."

Prof. Jin Seok Choi is a renowned expert in Eastern Philosophy and a Director of the Future New School. He joined the faculty of Sogang University as a Chair Professor of Philosophy with research and teaching focus in various areas of Chinese Philosophy, especially Daoism. Prof. Choi received his PhD in Philosophy at Peking University in 1996. Prior to joining the Sogang University, he was a visiting scholar at the Harvard-Yenching Institute from 1996 in 1998.

The Science Walden Concert is an art-based science project, integrating the arts, humanities, and science with modern technology. The primary purpose of this concert is to address social issues, associated with human alienation, absence of communication, and economic difficulties.

Source: UNIST News Centre

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