The Prime Minister is delighted to attract Indian investors.

Bangkok, The Prime Minister is pleased to attract Indian investors. Set up an advanced biotechnology factory The first large-scale plant in ASEAN, pushing Thailand to be the Bio Hub of the region. Mr. Chai Watcharong, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the Prime Minister is satisfied with attracting foreign investment. and promote the establishment of production factories using advanced technology and innovation in Thailand. The BOI has approved investments in joint ventures from India. In the field of production and development of biological products with advanced biotechnology. It is the first large-scale commercial advanced biotechnology factory in ASEAN. The Board of Investment (BOI) approved investment promotion for BBGI Firmbox Bio Company Limited to establish a biotechnology factory that uses precision fermentation technology to produce cellulosic enzyme. (Cellulosic Enzyme) for industrial use By expanding the size from laboratory scale (Lab scale) to large commercial scale pro duction, produced with advanced equipment from upstream to downstream, production capacity is 200,000 liters, with the goal of increasing it to 1 million liters in the next period, using money. First stage investment of 440 million baht, factory located in Chachoengsao Province. and will use most of the raw materials from within the country Plan to set up Thailand as the company's bioproduct production base (Bio hub). The said company is a joint venture between BBGI Public Company Limited in the Bangchak Group. Expert in high value biological products business with Firmbox Bio Company, India. which is a leader in synthetic biology (Synthetic Biology: SynBio) and in expanding production capacity to commercial production (Lab-to-launch) The company plans to set up a bioproduct production base (Bio Hub) in the EEC, focusing on investing in new industries (New S-Curve) in the development of agricultural industries and biotechnology. "Prime Minister Encourage the establishment of advanced biotechnology factories . to produce the first large-scale commercial production in ASEAN It also reflects the potential of Thailand that is ready in terms of infrastructure, personnel, and biological raw materials. The goal is to use most raw materials from within the country. It will distribute income to our Thai brothers and sisters in the agricultural and biotechnology industries,' Mr. Chai said. Source: Thai News Agency

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