The Prime Minister asks to be counted on to explore the potential of Mueang Khon.

Wat Chedi (Ai Khai), The Prime Minister pays homage to Wat Chedi (Ai Khai), saying it is in the eyes of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Never been a secondary city, pointing out that "diamonds are diamonds", I would like to be counted on to explore the potential of Muang Khon. Support the opening of international airports Expanding the runway to accommodate large aircraft. They say it's the first time but it won't be the last. Come back in another 6 months to check on your homework. while the people flocked to receive it tightly The last mission of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. In visiting the southern provinces Surat Thani Province and Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Between 6-8 April 2024, traveled to Wat Chedi (Ai Khai), Sichon District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. To pay homage to Phrakhru Buddha Chetiyaphimon (Aphichit Phutthasaro, Ph.D., Ph.M.), abbot of Wat Chedi. Deputy Deputy Abbot of Sichon District Ready to discuss Dhamma with the abbot The Prime Minister stated that he will take care of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Not just tourism But will also take care of transportation. Those who came to Wat Chedi did not think that it would develop this much. There are many economic consequences. Make people's lives better Cultural and religious tourism still has a lot of room to do. This time, in addition to taking care of transportation routes, expanding flight routes and tourism, we will also look at cultural and religious tourism. Then Phrakhru Buddhachetiyaphimon (Aphichit Putthasaro, Ph.D., Ph.M.), the abbot, presented the Ai coin, which the Kathin 59 model was not for sale for worship. given to the Prime Minister for good fortune Before Mr. Settha paid homage and gilded Ai Khai For the good fortune of traveling to Nakhon Si Thammarat Province this time. Then Mr. Settha Met with people in the area Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Ready to listen to reports and watch videos from Mr. Khajonkiat Rakpanichmanee, Governor of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Welcoming the Prime Ministe r With a large number of people waiting to welcome you. Along with holding up a sign to welcome the Prime Minister Later, Ms. Pimpatra Wichaikul, Minister of Industry as Nakhon Si Thammarat MP Ruam Thai Sang Chat Party He gave a report to the Prime Minister who stated that Nakhon Si Thammarat Province is a beautiful gem in the south. that is ready for the Prime Minister to polish It turned into a beautiful diamond ring. which Nakhon Si Thammarat is a province with potential It is expected that the Prime Minister will raise the level and develop Nakhon Province even further. The Prime Minister said that he would like to greet all his beloved Mueang Khon brothers and sisters. Since coming into government, it has been a full 7 months since I got to know Minister Pui. (Ms. Pimpattra Wichaikul, Minister of Industry) also talked all the time about the development of Thailand. But above all, we came to see Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Minister Pui himself invited him to see how we can help improve the lives of al l our brothers and sisters. We have been working together for 7 months and it is clear that this government gives importance to Nakhon Si Thammarat province. with various ministers Senior government officials also came. The Prime Minister also said that we have come to take care of this and confirmed that "A diamond is always a diamond." Therefore, don't worry about this. It is a matter that the government gives importance to and will continue to develop Nakhon Si Thammarat into a major city worthy of having a variety of culture, traditions, food, and tourist attractions. The Prime Minister also said that those who came here wanted to come for more than one day, but if they waited, it would take a long time. Believe that even if it's only for one day It's enough to see the problem. and go back to doing homework First of all, it's the airport. He agreed that Nakhon Si Thammarat has great potential and must be open to international travel. The Prime Minister also said that he understands that there are many tourists from Singapore and Malaysia who come to visit this province. We still don't have preparations for the airport. But the Deputy Minister of Transport will go back to doing his homework. Not only is it preparing to open internationally, but it also means expanding the runway to accommodate larger aircraft, and not just focusing on tourism alone. But today, the topic of religious tourism will be studied and expanded so that all Thai citizens can get to know Nakhon Si Thammarat Province better. The Prime Minister said that as for agriculture, it is important. He was aware that there is a lot of rubber plantation here. During the past 7 months, the price of rubber has continued to increase. He hopes that we will continue to work together to keep the price of rubber high like this. While the problem of poverty Inequality, the Prime Minister believes, exists in many dimensions. Today, you have a representative who is a small but big-hearted woman who has come to take care of an important ministry, namely t he Ministry of Industry. It is considered to be one of the largest ministries. And he himself plays an important role in driving the country's main economy. Therefore, he is confident that this province will be developed to its potential. And there are still many dimensions that the government is still working on, whether it be the matter of resolving informal debt. He would like to ask for mercy that If anyone is in debt outside the system We have a system for coming in and notifying the officials and the debtor to meet each other. with officials from the Ministry of Finance security officer And the government department came in to help take care of us and solve the debt problem. I would like to implore you that if you have these problems, do not become complacent. Don't be afraid of influence. The country has rafters and walls. Therefore, the government wants to take care of you who work so hard that you almost die and have to pay exorbitant interest rates. He believes that this is something that all of us cannot accept and want it to disappear from Thai society. The Prime Minister also said that the Minister of Industry He said that it is a secondary city and that he wanted it to be the main city, but he wanted to say that this province is a large province with very high potential. There are 10 MPs. It is one of the largest provinces in the southern region. Actually, it was never a secondary city, but it is a main city that needs more care and attention from the government. I have been working for 7 months and have gathered a lot of information. From today onwards, we better start counting on how much potential we can dig up in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. This visit will not be the last for no more than 6 months. He will come again to see the progress of everyone's work. Then the Prime Minister Met with fellow citizens who came to welcome us in a friendly manner. Some people held signs with messages to welcome the Prime Minister, such as "Welcome Nakhon Si Thammarat residents", "We ask for rubber prices li ke this forever", "We would like to welcome the Prime Minister". , "Very encouraging, Mr. Nit," and considered it the end of the mission to Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat provinces. The Prime Minister then returned to Bangkok. Source: Thai News Agency

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