The governor of Chiang Mai is ready to help the female teacher expose the brutal teacher kicking the child.

The governor of Chiang Mai praised the female teachers at the mountain school in Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province after exposing teachers to abuse children - administrators hinted at school money fraud. as an example person Confirmed to help fully, ready to report 2 charges of child abuse teachers

After a young teacher came out to expose a school teacher on the mountain, Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province, abused a child and petitioned the NACC, Region 5, found an administrator implying corruption in the school fund. Today, the governor of Chiang Mai confirms that he will fully support teachers and appreciate them as role models. As for teachers who physically abuse children, they have been fired from their jobs, preparing to report two charges of physical abuse and violating the Children's Act.

Mr. Nirat Pongsitthaworn Chiang Mai Governor praise the female teacher Miss Petcharat Phan Sujaritthai, Grade 1 teacher acting in the position of director of a school in Mae Na Sub-district, Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province, said that he was an example of courage and a love of justice who came out to expose his behavior. A school teacher abused a child and yesterday also complained to the NACC. To investigate the disbursement of the underprivileged children's fund administrators that are likely to be corrupt. by coordinating with relevant agencies to come and look at this matter because the public pays attention progress section Teachers who abuse children have been fired. As for the female teacher who came out and was removed from the area for safety It is not a punishment in any way, confirming that he will fully take care of this teacher. And the abused children are being looked after, especially in the psychological aspects that have been seen by a multidisciplinary approach. After this, the child will be fully healed. and instructing educational institutions, especially in remote areas and boarding schools, to take care of children to ensure their safety and not to punish children or physically abuse them

Ms. Kirana Nonsinchai, Chiang Mai Provincial Deputy Education Commissioner, said that in the case of a young teacher complaining of corruption According to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance, the donation must be looked at and what it will be used for. If found to have used the wrong kind of money is guilty and must be taken according to the law Which now the agency has checked in

while Pol. Gen. Seksan Khankhamnanta, director of the Chiang Dao Police Station, revealed that after physical examination and interrogation of all the students. will inform the teacher of assaulting the child on 2 counts, which are guilty of imprisonment, both fine and wrong Child Offenses Act

Mrs. Jiraporn Chaoprayoon Yamamoto, Social Development and Human Security, said that 3 children were abused and are looking for more information on whether anyone else was abused. Admittedly, communicating with children is still difficult. Because they use the Lahu language with an interpreter. In this regard, if an offense is found, in addition to 191, there is also a hotline 1300 to report an assault. And now speeding up the process of adding Line friends to add friends according to educational institutions To notify information or serious incidents or in the case of being attacked via Line “esshelpme”, but if you make a false report, you will be prosecuted.

Mr. Apirom Pewla-or, deputy director of Chiang Mai Primary Educational Service Area Office 3, said that an examination committee had been set up. If the administrator is found to cheat money from the school, it must take disciplinary action. Teachers who physically abuse children have been fired. and must continue to take legal action As for the young teacher, she claimed that an adult called her to stop coming out and expose her until she lost that encouragement. don't know who but ready to be fair to all parties The petitioner's teacher was transferred to help work at the school district. Which still maintains the status and receives the salary as before, everything.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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