The government is trying to solve the PM 2.5 dust problem in every dimension.

The Prime Minister confirms that the government is not complacent. Try to solve the PM 2.5 dust problem in every dimension as quickly and sustainably as possible. Reporters reported that Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Posted a message via social media about the PM 2.5 dust problem, saying, 'The government is not complacent about dust. Do your best in every dimension to solve the problem as quickly and sustainably as possible. I am well aware of the suffering of our fellow citizens. From the impact of PM 2.5 dust and determined to solve the problem comprehensively, I have asked the Minister of Public Health and Deputy Minister of Interior to help manage the situation and support the provision of assistance in the area as the province has issued. Public health measures Chiang Mai Province in PM 2.5 condition Health measures The province has prepared dust-free rooms. Procurement of face masks And I have emphasized taking special care of vulnerable groups. Including putting in place measures to check the risk of lung cancer. As for forest fires Chiang Mai Province Every measure has been taken to prevent forest burning and forest fires. Royal rainmaking planes have been used to alleviate the situation. Take occupational measures and setting up rewards to catch forest burners But still found burning The officials took action to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. But there are still problems with burning from neighboring countries. This causes the border districts to have very high PM 2.5 values. This is a national problem that the government must seek cooperation from all sectors. including neighboring countries Ask all fellow citizens to help take care of your own area if you find burning or find a forest fire. Help notify local administrative organizations. or the district to quickly suppress the situation.' Source: Thai News Agency

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