The government increases pension allowances.

House of Representatives, The Cabinet increased the cost of living assistance for pension recipients to hit the ceiling of 11,000 baht per month, starting 1 May 2024, revealing that the central budget will be used to increase by 28 million baht/year. Mrs. Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the Cabinet meeting Approved the principles of the draft Royal Decree on living expenses assistance for pension and annuity recipients. According to the Ministry of Finance To allow pension recipients to survive in the current economic conditions and rising living costs. By specifying that those who receive or have the right to receive annuities or pensions When combined with living expenses assistance Less than 11,000 baht per month, increase the living allowance for annuity and pension recipients until reaching 11,000 baht per month, effective from 1 May 2024 onwards. The budget must be increased by 2.33 million baht per month, or approximately 27.96 million baht per year, using the central budget, annuities, gratuities, and pensions to be in line with the adjustment of the initial salary rate and the compensation salary adjustment for those affected. There are 5 types of people who are entitled to receive living expenses assistance, pension recipients, including annuity recipients according to the regulations of the Ministry of Defence. regular pensioner Recipients of special pensions due to disability, special pensions, and pensions inherited as heirs or dependents or dependents. Source: Thai News Agency

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