The good news is that the cost of electricity in the new installment has decreased.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy reveals good news that the cost of automatic electricity (Ft) for the 3/23 period (Sept.-Dec.) tends to decrease. After the LNG price plummeted, it accelerated the production of G1 gas to 800 million cubic feet per day in early 2024, ready to adjust the energy plan according to the new government. Warning if diesel tax reduction is not renewed this July, the price may go up to 37 baht/liter.

Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy Revealing the situation of world energy prices that Now the price situation has begun to improve. Both oil and liquefied natural gas, or LNG, with spot market prices, or SPOT LNG, today is about 10.5 US dollars per million BTU. which is a positive factor to the cost of electricity production When the cost is lower, it can reduce the cost of electricity. The electricity bill for the third installment of this year (September-December) has a direction to decrease according to the cost. But it depends on the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to consider, which, if calculated from LNG That's about $10.5 per million BTU. The cost can be reduced by 40-50 satang per unit. And if LNG is about 9 dollars per million BTU and PTT can buy at that price. will result in a reduction in electricity costs by 70 satang per unit From the current electricity price, the average price is 4.70 baht per unit.

As for the trend of natural gas production in the Gulf of Thailand tends to increase The Department of Mineral Fuels and PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited or PTTEP reported that it was in the process of increasing the production capacity of the former G1/61 or Erawan field. will increase to 500 million cubic feet per day This September and the beginning of 2024 will increase production to 800 million cubic feet per day, so LNG imports are expected to decrease from PTT's expected import request of 99 ships to about 70 ships ( 60,000 tons each) and the price of gas from the Gulf of Thailand is cheaper than LNG, with a price of about $ 5-6 per million BTU. It will help reduce electricity bills further.

“If you look at the numbers, both LNG and increased gas production in the Gulf of Thailand can definitely make the cost of electricity The cost can be reduced by at least 50 satang per unit. However, it is up to the ERC to consider,” said Mr. Kulit.

As for the signing of the MOU of the 8 coalition governments yesterday (May 22), one of them is about improving the power generation structure, calculating prices and suitable production capacity. To reduce the cost of living for the people, Mr. Kulit said that he still did not know the details. which the ministry Will follow up and prepare to make information about how to change At the moment, the Ministry of Energy is in the process of adjusting the Power Development Plan or PDP according to the world energy direction, which is in the process of transitioning to clean energy. There are various renewable energy topics. There is a study on Net metering of solar rooftops. Community power plant projects and others

“The issue proposed by the political parties to negotiate with the private sector on the reduction of the Availability Payment (AP) is negotiable. But it takes some time and effort. The cost of AP is in the part of the base electricity cost. It has been used since 1994, accounting for only 10 satang per unit. Not as much as the cost of energy, which is half of the cost of electricity, ”said Mr. Kulit.

As for the excise tax reduction on oil, 5 baht per liter will end on July 20, 2023, so consider how to proceed. If at this rate The price of diesel immediately increased to 37 baht per liter. from the current price of 32 baht per liter and must consider whether the oil fund How can I help? How much should the marketing cost be? Currently, the Oil Fund is in a better position. From the original maximum minus of almost 1.4 billion, but now only minus 72,000 million baht.- Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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