The Department of Disease Control warns the public to be careful when buying or collecting wild mushrooms.

Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health Warn people during the rainy season to be careful when buying or collecting wild mushrooms. Mushrooms grow naturally to be eaten. Might be a poisonous mushroom Risk of death, advice: "Don't know mushrooms, aren't sure, don't pick them, don't eat them." Dr. Jurai Wongsawat, highly qualified medical doctor Assistant Director-General of the Department of Disease Control said that during this period the rainy season has led to various types of wild mushrooms or mushrooms growing naturally. Both edible mushrooms and poisonous mushrooms Which have very similar external characteristics and are often difficult to distinguish, causing sickness and death from eating poisonous mushrooms to be found every year in every region. Especially in mountainous forest areas Data from the Epidemiology Division, Department of Disease Control, over the past 5 years found 90 food poisoning situations from eating poisonous mushrooms, with a total of 371 cases and 32 deaths. A nd in this year 2024 (from 1 Jan. - 10 June), there have been 10 reported cases of food poisoning from eating poisonous mushrooms, with a total of 36 patients, most of whom were males, including 4 deaths. There were reports in 5 provinces: Loei Province (5 events, 15 sick, 1 death), Tak Province (2 events, 9 sick, 2 dead), Mae Hong Son Province 1 event, 1 sick, 1 dead), Yasothon Province (1 sick event. 6 cases, no deaths) and Chaiyaphum Province (1 event, 5 cases, no deaths). The source of the mushrooms is from mountain forests or gardens around the house. or areas used to be collected annually Most of the patients were late adults (36-60 years), 23 cases, followed by elderly people (60 years and older), 7 cases, and early adults (18-35 years), 6 cases, with 4 deaths. (Age range of 19-45 years) Mushrooms found to be the cause of death included poisonous mushrooms (3 cases) and another case of unknown mushroom type. Risk factor assessment found that 3 people who died did not have the knowledge to distinguish m ushroom types. And one person who died had a job collecting wild mushrooms. How long does it take for the patient to start having symptoms after eating poisonous mushrooms? It ranges from as fast as minutes. or up to several hours Patients have symptoms ranging from mild symptoms including dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain, and loose diarrhea to severe symptoms such as kidney failure, liver failure, and eventually death. first aid Eat activated charcoal to absorb the toxins and sip water to replenish lost fluids. And you should hurry to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Ready to report history Eating mushrooms and taking leftover mushroom samples or photos of mushrooms with you Including informing those who eat mushrooms from the same source to watch for symptoms. The Department of Disease Control asks people to buy and eat mushrooms that have been bred from mushroom farms or sources that have safety certification marks. Avoid picking or eating wild or naturally occurring mushrooms. Because it is not possible to know whether it is a poisonous mushroom or not. Also, mushrooms should not be picked in areas where chemicals have been used. Including not eating raw mushrooms. And do not eat mushrooms with alcoholic beverages. Therefore, "Mushrooms, don't know, aren't sure, don't pick, don't eat." If you have any questions, ask for more information at the Department of Disease Control hotline, call 1422. Source: Thai News Agency

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