The colors at the end of Songkran are very juicy.

Collecting colors to bid farewell to Songkran. Many areas organize water-playing activities, very lush and crowded with both Thai and foreign tourists. It's especially lively from the evening to the evening. Ayutthaya The last day of Songkran is still lively. The last day of Songkran The main point of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province In front of the municipal office A lively atmosphere at the end of the festival. There were people coming to play in the Songkran water festival and join in the lively foam party. Another big point was The U Thong Road area, along a length of 2 kilometers, is full of tourists who come to play and splash water for Songkran. On both sides of the road, various shops bring in sound systems to play music, creating a fun atmosphere. The main road around Rojana Road heading towards the island of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. full of cars motorcycle Come join in playing Songkran water in the entire area by Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. It has been determined that the city island wi ll be fully opened for tourists to come and play in the water splashing for Songkran for the second year after the city island was closed to allow water trucks to come in and play in the water splashing for more than 10 years. Chiang Mai settled down to play Songkran around the city moat. Chiang Mai part The atmosphere of the Songkran Festival on the last night, tourists still set up to play Songkran water splashing around the moat until night and gathered on the Tha Phae plaza. Watch a concert on stage From artists in many styles Tha Phae Road is closed from in front of Mahawan Temple. Until Tha Phae Gate, length 130 meters for tourists. Got to play in the water tunnel to cool off. Complete with colorful lights and a DJ. Turn on the loud music Go all the way to Tha Phae Road. to tourists Had fun dancing And tonight there's still foam. To be able to play periodically, making the later the night, the more lively. This year, Chiang Mai City Municipality Held for the first year to tourists Got to play in the water tunnel and have a foam party. which will give tourists Had fun until midnight. Some people have been playing for as long as 3 days. Amidst the hot weather This makes ice become a best-selling product during Songkran in Chiang Mai. Because it is mostly used to add water to add coolness to the water used for splashing around the edge of the Chiang Mai moat. There will be vendors holding up signs calling to customers, including men selling ice or hard signs, long, big, cool, creating a selling point, calling customers to come and buy ice at a price of 100 baht per block. Some shops sell more than 100 blocks a day, generating an income of tens of thousands per day. Ten thousand baht Most people who buy ice to put in their water say that The hot weather makes the splashing water hot as well. So I helped add ice to the water to make it cooler. Because I want people who are splashed to feel refreshed. The water in the moat has been inspected for quality and is safe to play in. But there is a warning: be care ful not to swallow the water or try to avoid getting it in your eyes. Source: Thai News Agency

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