The Civil Service Commission orders a pollution emergency rescue team to be organized during the Songkran festival.

Bangkok: The Civil Service Commission prepares an emergency response team. To support the emergency situation regarding pollution during the Songkran festival. Warn factories and entrepreneurs to be careful of chemical accidents. Notification of special monitoring of ammonia gas leaks from ice factories during the summer and long holidays. Ms. Preeyaporn Suwannakes, Director-General of the Pollution Control Department (PDC), revealed that the PDC has prepared an emergency response team of the Environmental Protection Operations Center (CPC) with tools. Field pollution analysis equipment and the environmental laboratory at the location of the Pollution Control Department (Central), Rayong Province Pollution Control Center. and the Environment and Pollution Control Office No. 1-16 join in their duties in measuring environmental quality and providing technical advice on preventing and solving pollution problems that may occur during the Songkran festival. Police General Patcharawat Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Mini ster and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment There is concern about chemical accidents that may occur during the long Songkran holiday. by various agencies Or citizens who encounter an incident can report an emergency via the pollution hotline 1650 and emergency coordination phone numbers 09 - 8253 - 2026. During the Songkran festival which has several holidays in a row. Various establishments Will stop working or reduce production to allow employees to return to their hometowns. In addition, during the summer months, chemical accidents often occur, such as chemical spills from factories that use ammonia as a refrigerant. Fire in a factory or chemical storage warehouse Fire at garbage disposal site Truck carrying chemicals and hazardous materials overturns Drainage of wastewater from various sources of pollution Illegal dumping of hazardous waste in public areas, including dirt pits, abandoned mines, roadside areas or rest areas. public water sources and hidden areas This will affect public health and the environment. Accidents that require special caution Ammonia gas leaks from ice factories and cold storage plants are often found during the summer when demand for ice is higher than other times. Therefore would like to warn entrepreneurs. If the production capacity is accelerated more It will make the cooling system work harder. Increases the risk of ammonia gas leaks. Or it may be caused by a defect in the equipment. ammonia gas There will be toxicity to the respiratory system of both workers and nearby people. Requesting cooperation from government agencies Network of disaster relief agencies and various establishments Prepare personnel in taking care of the area Strict safety and be careful when transporting chemicals and hazardous materials Storing chemicals and hazardous substances according to academic principles Take care of the warning and fire extinguishing systems to use normally to prevent incidents from occurring Source: Thai News Agency

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