Thailand to enhance efforts against drug smuggling

Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has asked the army to intensify forces to suppress illicit drug smuggling along the Myanmar border and unrest in the south. Speaking after meeting with army chief Gen Songwit Noonpackdee on December 5, Srettha said he acknowledged the policy and plans of the army on resolving the unrest in the south with the cooperation of their Malaysian counterparts and measures to prevent illicit drug smuggling from Myanmar. The army will work closely with the police and local authorities to suppress drug smuggling seriously, he stressed. He urged the army to extend their support for people in many issues that are related to their lives, such as joining rescue efforts during natural disasters. Meanwhile, spokesman of the Thai Defence Ministry Thanitpong Sirisawetsak told the media on the same day that the Thai army will provide rehabilitation facilities in some of its military hospitals for patients with mental disorders caused by illicit drugs. Accordingly, a pilot project will b e carried out by the Royal Thai Army Medical Department during the first phase, starting this month until February next year./. Source: Vietnam News Agency

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