Temporary opening of Myawaddy checkpoint Accelerate the release of trucks with residual goods.

Tak Myanmar Temporarily opening the second Myawaddy permanent border checkpoint to hasten the release of large numbers of Thai cargo trucks. Thai military officials are taking care of security. and strict inspection of trucks last morning Myawaddy Permanent Border Checkpoint 2, Myawaddy Province Myanmar There is an order to temporarily open the checkpoint. To hasten the release of many Thai cargo trucks. Remaining on the Myawaddy side after yesterday There is an emergency closure of the checkpoint due to the unrest situation in Myawaddy Province. As soon as the gate opened There is a convoy of Thai goods trucks. Slowly driving across the second Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge back to Mae Sot District without interruption. while at the foot of the Mae Sot border checkpoint There are military officers to take care of safety. and strictly inspect trucks To prevent the smuggling of illegal items. Source: Thai News Agency

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