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TCG responds to government measures with a guarantee limit of 50,000 million baht to support SMEs.

Bangkok, TCG responds to government measures. Moving forward with the PGS Guarantee Project, Phase 11, with a credit limit of 50,000 million baht, supporting vulnerable groups - BCG is confident in helping more than 77,000 entrepreneurs get loans, ready to launch a campaign to waive credit guarantee processing fees at the Thai SME Empowerment Expo, 19-23 June. This is Mr. Sittikorn Direksuntorn, Director and General Manager . The Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) revealed that the Cabinet meeting on June 11, 2024 resolved to approve the PGS Credit Guarantee Project, Phase 11 (TCG Sustainable SMEs), with a credit limit of 50,000 million baht. Guarantee fees Average not more than 1.75% per year throughout the project. Free initial fee for the first 2 years (government support) to help SMEs gain easier access to capital, confident in helping more than 77,000 SMEs get loans, stimulating the economy through a loan guarantee mechanism. Reduce financial risk and access loans in the system Accordin g to government policy, add funds to SMEs for sustainability under this project. Aiming at 4 main target groups: 1. Vulnerable groups 2. Environmentally friendly business group (BCG), 3. New entrepreneur group/New Gen (NEW GEN), and 4. IGNITE THAILAND group covering legal entities. and individuals and small groups (Micro SMEs) who lack collateral or insufficient collateral. This project aims to increase liquidity. and reduce financial costs It is expected to stimulate the overall economy and create more than 60,000 million baht in loans, generate more than 200,000 million baht in economic benefits, and create more than 300,000 jobs. After this, TCG will expedite the signing of the memorandum. Cooperation agreement between TCG and partner financial institutions to continue accepting applications for loan guarantees Recently, TCG has prepared a campaign for SME entrepreneurs at the Thai SME Power Expo organized by the Ministry of Commerce. Between 19-23 June 2024 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. E xcept for the guarantee processing fee Loan Guarantee Project For each financial institution, Phase 7 is for the first 200 SMEs attending the event who submit a guarantee request by September 30, 2024, along with providing financial advice. Invest in a franchise Special rate loan guarantee Preparing for loan applications throughout the event. In addition, TCG has increased convenience for SME entrepreneurs to come in and check their financial health. Ready to book an appointment to receive free financial consultation! At LINE OA TCG First: @tcgfirst or call for more details at TCG Call Center Tel. 02-890-9999. Source: Thai News Agency

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