Take care of yourself from cerebrovascular disease. Cause of paresis – paralysis

BANGKOK, May 24- The Institute of Neurology, Department of Medical Services, advises people to take care of themselves and protect themselves from cerebrovascular disease. Should rush to the hospital immediately within 4 and a half hours in order to get correct treatment quickly "Know quickly, survive, without paralysis"

Dr. Weerawut Imsamran, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, said that stroke is a public health problem. important in Thailand and around the world In Thailand, stroke is the number 1 cause of death found in both males and females. It is the most common type of neurological disease. which is the cause of death and disability. At present, there is a stroke network covering all areas of the country. both large and small public hospitals private hospital Able to provide standard care for stroke treatment throughout the country. with a treatment process Both intravenous thrombolytic injections within 4 and a half hours or treatment through a cerebrovascular catheter within 24 hours. If the disease occurs, most patients will have residual disabilities. Affecting the way of life, family, society and the overall economy of the nation. But if the patient receives timely treatment Will help reduce the severity of the disease and disability down. Therefore, people must have knowledge about the risk factors of disease, prevention, and proper behavior when the disease occurs. It can prevent and reduce the severity of the disease by controlling risk factors, including high blood pressure. Hyperlipidemia, diabetes, older age, smoking, lack of exercise overweight

Dr. Tanin Vechapinan, director of Prasat Neurological Institute added that Important warning signs that can be noticed by oneself is numbness or weakness in the face Blurred vision, double or half vision Symptoms on one side of the limbs include weakness, droopy mouth, slurred speech, difficulty speaking, and need to be rushed to the hospital as soon as possible within 4 and a half hours. These symptoms usually occur acutely. in patients with temporary ischemic stroke Symptoms may occur for a while and disappear on their own. or may occur multiple times Before having a permanent ischemic stroke It is important for the patient to observe the above symptoms and seek medical attention. As soon as possible will reduce deaths and disabilities. Since brain cells are ischemic for just 1 minute, approximately 1 million brain cells die. If treated late, it may lead to more disability. But the thing that will make the most effective treatment, the patient's symptoms improve and heal the most. Is to get to the hospital as soon as possible when symptoms occur. or call the hotline 1669

Source: Thai News Agency

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