T1 Keria: “We’re playing groups like we would play in scrims and experimenting new picks.”

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On May 11, T1 defeated Team AZE in their 2nd match of MSI 2022. T1 showcased a dominance that matched their undefeated run in the LCK Spring split, as it only took 20 minutes to destroy Team AZE’s Nexus. T1’s Support player, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, joined Jeesun Park for a short interview on the Korean broadcast. T1’s now 2-0 in the Group Stages. How do you feel? I’m thrilled that we won both games that we played. T1 showcased new champions in each draft. From Senna-Wukong bot lane to Kindred jungle, tonight’s draft was shocking to say the least. Was Wukong a champion you practice regularly? I p…

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