T1 Gumayusi on Chemtech drake: “It’s definitely hard for the losing team because the fog limits a lot of vision. As for the soul… The revive effect isn’t that strong.”

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On Jan 23, T1 faced off against Liiv SANDBOX in the 2nd match of the day. With a score of 2-0, T1 managed to take the quick victory over LSB and continue on their undefeated match streak in the LCK. After the match, T1’s bot laner, Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong, joined Inven Global for a brief post-match interview. He shared some thoughts about the current bot lane metagame and how pro play will be affected by patch 12.2. For a very long time, tanky engage supports like Nautilus and Leona have dominated the competitive meta. However, One of the big changes to the bot lane meta is the rise of the m…

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