“Srettha” hopes that every party will show the spirit of voting to support “Pitha” as prime minister.

Srettha" urges all political parties to show their spirit to vote in support of "Pitha" to sit in the prime minister gracefully, full of pride, without having to wait for 250 senators to vote.

On May 15, 2023, Mr. Srettha Thavisin, Pheu Thai Party's prime ministerial candidate, posted a message on his personal Facebook page stating, “The political spirit that I hope for the most right now. Is to see that all Thai political parties are truly connected and followed by the people's voices, which will soon be nominated and voted for the Prime Minister. And I also support Khun Pita. from the Progressive Party Honored with grace and pride

The Kao Klai Party grew from 81 people in 1962 to 152 in 1966 (the latest number), the number of MPs that the Kao Klai Party had It is a clear symbol of their ideology, their approach. truly gained the consensus of the Thai people It is a phenomenon that I cannot deny that this is a great change in Thai society.

Coming back to the party that received MPs these days, many parties (Bhumjaithai, Democrat) had previously expressed their stance that they did not support the 1960 Constitution that gave senators the power to vote for the Prime Minister.

Now is the time for them to follow their stand. Vote for the Prime Minister proposed by the Progressive Party which is Khun Pita to become the 30th prime minister according to the rules of true democracy, without having to wait for 250 senators to vote and allowing him to perform the duties of the party and politicians with grace be proud It can be said that it fully represents democracy. Make the country a leader who is ready to lead the country to develop quickly. create happiness and change for all citizens

everything the party does will affect people's decisions in the future These neglects are expensive to pay in the future.”

After the message is posted out Social media admired Mr. Srettha's spirit. To the clarity and determination of Mr. Srettha himself. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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