South Korean group members condemn the “free korean party” to create obstacles to the realization of the crime of genocide in Gwangju

According to the South Korean media reports, members of the 5.18 Gwangju Uprising group, including members of the May Mother Association, condemned the "Free Korean Party", which creates obstacles to the identification of the truth of the Gwangju massacre in front of the main gate of the National Assembly on April 14.

"Freedom of the Korean Party" announced the committee members of the investigation committee for investigating the truth of the massacre of Gwangju massacre composed of the 8th army general Kwon Tae-oh, former "monthly Chosun"

Those who have been selected as the members of this investigation are the ones who have overcome the spirit of Min -

The angry group members insisted that the members of the committee, which were announced this time, gauge what the "free-korean party" was saying, "the truth can be found in objective positions."

He went on to know how many of his children had died and emphasized that they must reveal the truth of the Gwangju Massacre,

Source: Korean Central News Agency

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