South Korean actress supports feminism, gets fired

South Korean voice actress Kim Jayeon has been fired from her role providing a voice for the popular video game Closers after she tweeted an image of a t-shirt.

The shirt read "girls do not need a prince" and it quickly received backlash from the gaming community, with many male gamers demanding an apology.

Part of the problem was that the shirt was released by South Korean feminist group Megalia4.

When Jayeon refused to apologise for supporting what gamers called an "anti-man hate group" her employers received calls for refunds and soon after she was fired.

"We have to be responsive to our customers' opinions," employer Nexon told local media.

"The voice actress exacerbated the issue by posting inflammatory tweets such as 'what's wrong with supporting Megalia?'"

The incident has been dubbed Korea's own version of #Gamergate - a debate about journalistic videogame ethics connected to misogynistic online hate groups.

The discussion turned ugly and forced two women to leave their homes as a result of online abuse and threats.

Source: Newshub

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