South Korea “Free Korean Party” to overcome the truth of Gwangju massacre

According to a report on South Korea on April 4, the "Free Korean Party" is playing a vigorous role to prevent the truth of the 5.18 Gwangju massacre.

As already reported, the "National Assembly" in South Korea passed the Special Act for the Detection of the Facts of the 5.18 Democratization Movement to identify the truth of the massacres committed during the Gwangju uprising in February last year.

Despite the law enacted on September 14 last year, the "Free KCTU" has not submitted a list of committee members to investigate the truth.

As a result, the investigation committee of the Gwangju Massacre has yet to come out.

In this regard, the South Korean media commented that the "free korean party" is the accomplice to be late for the realization of the massacre of Gwangju massacre in 5.18.

Source: Korean Central News Agency