Songkran throughout Thailand is lively. Many provinces join in continuing local traditions.

Songkran throughout Thailand is lively. Many provinces join in continuing the good traditions of the local area. For example, Lam Phan Subdistrict Municipality, Mueang District, Kalasin Province organizes a traditional Songkran festival. Continuing the Thai tradition of pouring water to ask for blessings from the elderly and bathing Luang Pu Yai in the year 2024 Kalasin continues Thai traditions Pouring water on Luang Pu Yai - pouring water to ask for blessings from the elderly. Today, the people of Lam Phan Subdistrict came together to wear beautiful colorful flower pattern shirts. and put the steamed water in with the flowers Go bathe the Buddha statue and Luang Pu Yai Sacred things of Wat Pa Daen Na Bun that Lam Phan people respect For good fortune on Thai New Year's Day Then join in pouring water on the heads of the elderly in the sub-district. Preserve and continue the Songkran Festival tradition. The atmosphere is warm. People of Kantharalak, Sisaket Province join in reviving the tradition of raisin g the flag to defeat the devil. Mr. Phonchai Wongngam, District Chief of Kantharalak, Sisaket Province, leads the people in the ceremony of raising the flag to defeat the devil. To inform the sacred things and angels or goddesses of Songkran Day that at this place a big merit-making ceremony and a big celebration were held. to bless those attending the ceremony which revives rituals that have existed since ancient times To allow youth to learn about the cultural ways of the Khmer ethnic group and various ethnic groups. living together After not having held such a ceremony for many years. There will also be a simulation of the procession of Phra Upakut and the merit-making procession of Kan Luang, Bun Phawet, as well as the construction of a sand pagoda. Tourists flock to Koh Sichang, expected to spend 10 million baht. As for the Koh Loi - Koh Sichang passenger pier, Si Racha District, Chonburi Province, there are many citizens and tourists who come to take the ferry to visit Koh Sichang. During the long ho liday of Songkran Festival with relevant officials facilitating Including strict control of boat drivers and boat boys. Must not drink intoxicants. And every passenger must wear a life jacket before launching the boat every time. It is expected that throughout this Songkran festival on Koh Sichang there will be tens of millions of baht circulating. The only one in Thailand Bathing Buddha images in the middle of the Andaman Sea, Trang Province. In Trang Province, there are many Thai and foreign tourists. Parade to Koh Kradan Go play in the water to cool off. and join in pouring water on Father Klai Wajasit In the middle of the Andaman Sea The only one in Thailand Increase prosperity for yourself and your family. In addition to refreshing the Trang sea Tourists will also get freshness, satisfaction, and coolness from shaved ice. that many agencies have come together to distribute on 12-13 April. For this year's Songkran festival Hotel rooms in Trang Province have an occupancy rate of 60-70%. It is expected t hat during the 5 days of the Songkran Festival there will be more than 500 million baht of money flowing in Trang Province. Source: Thai News Agency

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