SNS Reporters of the ROK Embassy in Japan to Tour the ROK’s Cultural Heritage Sites

1. The fifth batch of reporters of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan will visit the ROK from August 26 through 30 to learn about the country’s culture and history.

◦ The group, composed of 21 students from 20 colleges in Japan, will serve as on-line supporters for the ROK Embassy to promote Korean culture and history.

2. The reporters will first visit the Foreign Ministry, followed by a tour of the “Andong Hahoe Folk Village” in southern Korea and other cultural heritage sites in the country inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. They will make a video clip on the tour and use it to promote Korean culture among the Japanese people through SNSs.

3. The visit to the ROK by such SNS reporters has taken place since 2011 with the aim to provide correct information on Korean culture and history to Japanese youth. The upcoming round will be the fifth of its kind.

4. The ROK Foreign Ministry expects that the forthcoming cultural and historical experience event will serve as a good opportunity to help the Japanese youth better understand Korean culture and history.