Smartphone users often spend time doing other things at same time

SEOUL-- Smartphone users often do other tasks simultaneously like reading a book or watching TV, up to a quarter of the time they are on their mobile gadgets, data showed Wednesday.

The Korea information Society Development Institute (KISDI) said the findings were based on a study of 9,788 people in 4,233 households who were asked to compile media diaries, detailing what, when and how they use smartphones every 15 minutes.

Analysis of the results indicated that smartphone users spent 27.7 percent of the time simultaneously doing other things, like reading, watching TV, using personal computers or listening to the radio. More specifically, 2.3 percent of the time was spent reading a newspaper, magazine or book, 7.1 percent on watching TV, 8.5 percent on using a desktop PC, and 11.6 percent on using a laptop.

In opposite situations when smartphones were being used on the side, most of the people used the gadget for phone calls, chatting and messaging, according to KISDI. Smartphones were also often used to listen to music when reading, for searches and mobile games when watching TV, and for messaging while on a computer.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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