SK Telecom to provide 5G network for military training

SEOUL South Korea's leading mobile carrier, SK Telecom Co., said Monday it will establish 5G network on a military campus to support smart training for cadets.

SK Telecom said it will establish 5G network in the Korea Military Academy's campus in northern Seoul within the first half of this year to support technology-based military training.

With help of the fast, low-latency network, virtual reality (VR) shooting training and augmented reality (AR) war games will be available for cadets, the company said.

While the current system only allows a small number of people train at a time, the cyber training programs would enable training by about 200 cadets at the same time, it added.

When the cutting-edge infrastructure is ready, SKT said cadets will wear connected devices that would check their health conditions in real time and provide customized information based on big data technology.

The adoption of the mixed reality program is an emerging trend in the military world as more countries are looking for training options that are less risky, cheaper and more efficient.

U.S. Army is developing a VR program that will provide a realistic training program with minimum risk to life and health of soldiers, and has signed a deal with Microsoft's AR headset, HoloLens, for training.

Source: Yonhap news Agency

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