Significantly celebrated the Kwangmyeong Sungdul in Korea

I celebrated Kwangmyeong Sungdul in Korea in a meaningful way.

The crowd entered the Kwangsu Sun Palace Plaza, where the Great Leader Kim Il Sung and the great leader KimJong Il remained in eternal life, greeting the sun of the Great Leaders.

Workers, youth students, and soldiers of the People 's Army soldiers displayed the plaques of Ming Sui, looking for statues and sunsets of Mt.

In the Pyongyang, the 23rd Kim Jong Il Reconstruction Front and the Kim Jong Il Exhibition Presidents of each province, the flower sea of praise for good was unfolded.

Performances were held in various central and local theaters.

Boys from all over the country joined the Chosun Dynasty.

Art factories were performed in various factories, enterprises and farms.

In Pyongyang, athletic events were held to make the holiday atmosphere more enjoyable.

The people enjoyed the holiday at the culture resting places of Pyongyang including Mangyongdae Yu Hee Chang, Munsu Water Park, Central Zoo, Natural Museum, etc.

Source: Korean Central News Agency

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