Seoul’s Gangnam Ward holds medical and beauty fair in Dubai

SEOUL-- Seoul's Gangnam Ward hosted a medical and beauty fair in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), this week to promote South Korean medical services and beauty products in the Middle East, officials said Thursday.

The 2019 Gangnam Premium Medi and Beauty Fair, organized jointly with the Korea International Trade Association, was held in the largest UAE city on Wednesday and Thursday, they said.

A total of 16 South Korean institutions, including those involved in medical tourism, participated in the fair amid growing interest in the Korean wave in the Middle East, they noted.

Various booths were installed at the fair for medical consulting sessions and the display of Korean beauty products. Visitors to the Gangnam Cosmetic and Beauty Experience Zone were able to experience virtual reality plastic surgery and had their skin conditions examined, while the Korean Culture Experience Zone offered opportunities to try on hanbok, or traditional Korean costume.

At a media conference, Korean hospitals introduced successful cases of twin pregnancy through in vitro fertilization treatment and non-surgical herbal treatment for spinal health.

"UAE people rank first in terms of expenditure among foreign medical tourists visiting South Korea. We'll develop differentiated products and expand customized medical services in consideration of culture and religion to attract more medical tourists from the Middle East," a Gangnam Ward official said.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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