Seoul expands travel advisory to all countries

SEOUL, South Korea's foreign ministry said Wednesday it has issued a travel advisory for all countries previously not affected by its travel warnings prompted by the global spread of the new coronavirus.

Under the unprecedented move, all South Koreans are advised to take caution when visiting any foreign country, the ministry said, adding that the level-1 travel advisory will be effective as of Thursday.

"All those planning an overseas trip are advised to carefully consider the need and possible rescheduling of their trip by checking travel restrictions taken by each country and region due to the spread of COVID-19," it said.

"Those staying overseas are asked to pay special attention to their safety by making sure they are not exposed to COVID-19," it added.

The ministry had issued level-2 travel warnings on 36 countries, mostly in Europe, that have been hit hard by the novel coronavirus.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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