Seoul city to install hanok-style, high-tech bus stops

SEOUL, The Seoul city government said Monday it has decided to adopt the design of hanok, or traditional Korean houses, for high-tech bus stops in the capital.
The design, titled “Beauty of Korea,” centers on adopting the signature curves of hanok for the city’s “smart shelter” bus stops, according to the Seoul city government. The design was selected in a public vote.
The city government plans to install the smart shelters for trial operation in around 10 areas in Seoul, including Sungnye Gate and the Hongik University subway station, starting next month, and to expand them to different parts of the city next year.
Greenery will be planted in place of middle-of-the-road guard rails to form a city garden-like atmosphere at the new bus stops, while free Wi-Fi services, wireless mobile phone chargers and air purifiers will be offered to users.
In addition, the smart shelters will provide improved safety for passengers as the buses will be guided to stop at accurate positions through Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Screen doors separating the passengers from the roads will also be installed, according to the city government.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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