Seoul city to ban rallies of 10 or more people in anti-virus move

SEOUL, The Seoul city government on Thursday announced a plan to ban street rallies of 10 or more people across the capital amid mounting concerns over a resurgence in new coronavirus cases here.
Under the move that will go into effect Friday, all demonstrations with 10 or more participants will be banned until midnight on Aug. 30, according to the Seoul metropolitan government.
The government currently bans rallies of 100 or more participants under the Level Two social distancing scheme that went into effect over the weekend. The tightened threshold is equivalent to a Level Three scheme.
Those that violate the measure may face up to 3 million won (US$2,526) in fines. The city government also plans to file criminal complaints against organizations and individuals for breaking the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act.
The latest move comes amid concerns over a recent rally that took place in central Seoul on Saturday. Thousands of people, mostly elderly participants, attended the anti-government rally led by conservative pastor Jun Kwang-hoon.
At least 637 members of Jun’s church who live in the greater Seoul area have tested positive for the new coronavirus in addition to 39 outside the densely populated region. Eighteen people who attended the rally have also tested positive, according to health authorities.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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