Seoul aware of alleged N. Korean document outlining takeover of Kaesong complex

South Korea's unification ministry said Thursday that it is aware of the alleged North Korean internal document outlining plans by Pyongyang to operate the Kaesong Industrial Complex on its own.

The state-run broadcaster citing the document said the North's ruling Workers' Party of Korea in 2006 outlined a plan to kick out South Korean companies and run Kaesong itself. It urged workers to acquire the necessary know-how to manage the facilities as soon as possible. The document also called South Korea the enemy of the North.

The ministry, in charge of formulating Seoul policy towards the North, confirmed that the paper revealed on KBS earlier in the day was known to authorities.

"The government thinks the document is North Korean in origin," it said, adding that the government cannot directly elaborate further on the matter because private companies are involved.

The complex located just north of the inter-Korean border started churning out products in late 2004. It has been viewed as the crowing achievement of late President Kim Dae-jung's rapprochement policy.

Seoul decided to close the complex on Feb. 10 following North Korea's fourth nuclear test and firing off of a long-range missile this year. Pyongyang responded by expelling all South Korean personnel and confiscating their assets.

Besides the document, KBS showed documents saying that North Korea's 6th division, in charge of the Kaesong area, has intensive ideological indoctrination of its troops to prevent them being "contaminated" by capitalistic influences.

This, the broadcaster said, is a sign that Pyongyang was worried about South Korean thoughts and culture seeping into the North through the industrial complex.

Source: Yonhap

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