Seollal Lunar New Year’s comes to Nigeria

The Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria invited people to its Seollal Lunar New Year's ceremony to experience traditional Korea on Jan. 26. Attendees included students who take Korean language classes or taekwondo classes, members of the K-culture Supporters fan club, visitors to the cultural center and local press.

During the event, guests enjoyed an introductory video about Korea's Seollal Lunar New Year's traditions, performed the ceremonial sebae New Year's bow (??) and played some traditional games.

Children had the chance to dress in traditional Hanbok attire and to give the ceremonial sebae New Year's bow (??) to an elder. After the bow, they received envelopes of sebaetdon New Year's money (???) as gifts.

For the yunnori four-stick board game, guests were divided into four teams: the taekwondo students, younger children, adults and the media.

"In my Korean language class, I learned a lot about traditional Korean practices on the holidays, but it was more enjoyable and meaningful to actually try a ceremonial sebae New Year's bow first-hand," said one of the attendees.


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