Secretary-General of the Narcotics Control Board points out that if it is a trader Must seize all assets No matter how many pills, there is no effect.

Thai News Agency, Narcotics Control Board Secretary reveals drug cases. Seize all merchants' assets No matter how many pills you take, the change from 5 pills to 1 pill depends on the policy. It aims to provide opportunities for addicts to receive treatment, which will result in an increase in court cases and inmates in prison. Police Lieutenant General Panurat Lakboon, secretary-general of the Narcotics Control Board (NACC), discussed the case of amending the number of possession of illegal drugs from 5 tablets to 1 tablet, and Mr. Somsak Thep. Suthin, Minister of Public Health Announcement of the seizure of property starting from 1 pill, according to the drug case law. If evidence is found linking to having the behavior of being a trader Even if no drugs are found, the assets of the drug traffickers and networks will already be confiscated. The issue is the seizure of assets in drug cases. If you are a trader or a trade accomplice Even if you don't have the medicine, you will seize the property. Therefore , the amount of 1 pill has no effect because if you sell it, you will seize the property. As for the issue of changing from 5 tablets to 1 tablet, it depends on your point of view. National Anti-Corruption Commission as a practitioner No matter how many pills are prescribed, they can be taken. The number of tablets gives a greater chance of entering the treatment process. The number of tablets therefore depends on the policy. The Secretary-General of the Narcotics Control Board also said that Section 107, paragraph 2 of the law states that the possession of a small amount of drugs is presumed to be possession for consumption Open to voluntary participation in treatment which the law provides Minister of Public Health Determine how many tablets it is. If anyone is in possession of methamphetamine There is no trading activity. Or sell and voluntarily go to therapy and go to therapy. But if you possess more than the specified number of tablets The law does not allow it to be presumed to be a serious offense. At present, more than 5 tablets, that is, if 6 tablets are found, is punishable by 15 years. If the amount is changed from 5 tablets to 1 tablet, it means that possession of 2 tablets is a serious charge and must be arrested and prosecuted and sent to court. and sent to prison have to fight a lawsuit which will see the picture More people are going to prison. If there is no bail money Most of which are poor people who have drugs. will go to prison more Secretary-General of the Narcotics Control Board said that setting no more than 5 tablets is considered an addict who has only been using it for 2 months, but the trend has already passed. When a drug addict has not received treatment and is crazy about drugs, which has been the case for 4-5 years, no matter how many pills you announce, it has no effect. Because I had neglected therapy for a long time. This government is serious about giving importance to treatment. and are about to see increased results Before, we focused on making arrests. No matter how many pi lls there were, the Narcotics Control Board could do its job. But this must not change the spirit of the law in providing treatment. Confiscation is a measure aimed at breaking the cycle of drug dealers. But it must be acknowledged that the major merchants are abroad. He therefore created a project to encourage small traders to break the cycle. In conclusion, if you change to 1 pill, then 2 pills later, you will be prosecuted. Basically, it's a charge of possession and fighting the case in court. and continue if there is a trading situation Must follow and confiscate assets. Source: Thai News Agency

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