Search the house of a famous Samut Songkhram police officer Found several guns

Samut Songkhram, Police together with the government raided the house of a famous Samut Songkhram Sgt. After the victim reported that he had been called to his house by the "Senator-General" and assaulted him. Several firearms were discovered during the investigation. From the case of Mr. Cherdsak victims of Samut Songkhram Province Along with Sergeant King Thamanan, owner of the page Sergeant King Saphan Mai, traveled to file a complaint and request witness protection at the Central Investigation Police Headquarters on April 19. Claiming that he had a problem with the village chief inspector Before being called to his house by members of the Samut Songkhram Provincial Council to attack him, he had a broken forehead bone, a broken wrist, and a brain injury. This led to a raid on the house this morning (April 20). Most recently after the Governor of Samut Songkhram Province along with the Provincial Police Commander of Samut Songkhram Province Administrative force Searched the homes of influential people in the Lat Yai Subdistrict area, a total of 3 locations, consisting of the house of Provincial Police District 11, Mueang Samut Songkhram District. The village headman's house, Village No. 6, Lat Yai Subdistrict, and the village headman's house, Nang Takhian Subdistrict, in the area of ??Village No. 3, Lat Yai Subdistrict, takes approximately 3 hours. Found among the seized items were a total of 5 guns, 2 of which were guns from the house of District 11 Provincial Police Office, namely an 11 mm gun, Koll brand, with registration belonging to Mr. Nikhom (gun in the wrong hands), along with 8 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition. , a .22 caliber revolver, Armscore brand, with registration belonging to Mr. Theera, along with 30 rounds of pellet ammunition, and at the house of the Village Headman, Village No. 6, 3 guns, a .38 caliber gun, Cole brand, with registration belonging to Mr. Damrong, a gun. Size 9 mm. Glock brand from Mr. Damrong and an air rifle. Unknown brand and registration Mr. Sirisak Sirimangkala, Gove rnor of Samut Songkhram, said that he had assigned Mueang Samut Songkhram District Initial compensation has been provided to the victims. And going to the area to inspect this time is to prevent this kind of incident from happening again. As for the case where the administrative department is involved He assigned the district chief to set up a committee to investigate. If it is found that the nature of using influence, intimidation, and physical harm Become an influencer Disciplinary action will continue. As for the case of the Provincial Police Office, he will set up a committee to investigate the facts. If there is evidence of an offense, it will be presented to the president of the council. Samut Songkhram Provincial Administrative Organization to take disciplinary action and will immediately lose the qualifications to be a Sgt. Pol. Maj. Gen. Sompop Khuhawichanan Police Chief of Samut Songkhram Province said that initially the three perpetrators confessed that they had actually attacked and threatened th e victims. Using the seized gun No. 1, size 11 mm, Cole brand, to cause the incident, so they were charged with co-intimidation and co-assault. causing serious harm In addition, two more people were charged with having firearms without permission, namely Provincial Police District 11, Mueang Samut Songkhram District. and the village headman of Village No. 6, Lat Yai Subdistrict But while the Governor and the Commissioner were about to return to Provincial Administrative Region 11, Mueang Samut Songkhram District One of the participants in the incident I went to ask for justice. Claims that he has always taken care of the people in the area. The cause of physical harm is because of the widespread problem of methamphetamine in the area, both for sale and use. If you complain to the officials, it will be delayed. So he chose this method. He also questioned the governor and the commanders about whether they would keep the methamphetamine or the people who wiped out the methamphetamine and narcotic drugs. They di d their work with reason and effect. I would like to ask the adults to consider this as well before the Provincial Office District 11, Mueang Samut Songkhram District. will give evidence to the investigating officer He asked not to give interviews to reporters. But I would like to ask you to check the behavior of the complainant as well. in the area know well But no one dares to speak. Source: Thai News Agency

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