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Europe Media Monitor (EMM) reads and analyses around 40.000 new news items per day from around 1000 sites worldwide. The text of the items, extracted using EMM’s own text extraction algorithm, is indexed using Lucene (see Please make sure your area of interest is not already covered by one of the pre-defined categories (alerts). If it is, we kindly ask you to use the feed from that category as this significantly reduces the load on our system. This site is a joint project of DG-JRC and DG-COMM. The information on this site is subject to a disclaimer (see Please acknowledge EMM when (re)using this material Canada’s Global Markets Action Plan (GMAP), the government’s pro-export, pro-jobs plan, new markets around the world have been opened for Ontario exports. These historic trade achievements will benefit hard-working Canadians in Ontario and throughout Canada.Tue, 23 Dec 2014 09:56:00 +0100gcengc-434f84bb1a6f3f139185043a5bd2ef1aAlternativeEnergyDevelopmentSmallMediumSizeBusinessesEnvironmentEnterpriseEurope2WasteTreatmentTAXUDImportsExportsTradeMarketEU-AsiaPolicyDevelopmentPolicyEnergyPolicyExternalRelationsPolicyExternalTradePolicyRegional22.760639 113.24759752.5163 13.327651.409348 -0.30795752.579498 -0.24307452.057394 -2.30114851.4879 -0.17799835.2086 110.72754.082136 -2.74980454.7747 -1.5823154.482042 -0.6204154.926272934445 -97.43319770921737.5424 126.93528.5687 77.2168 S. Brady Press Briefing Room. 1:53 P.M. EST. THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. We’ve really got a full house today, huh? Well, all I want for Christmas is to take your questions. (Laughter.) But first let me say a little bit about this year. In last year’s final press conference, I said that….Mon, 22 Dec 2014 16:39:00 +0100WhitehouseenWhitehouse-e17f65793b4f9b7172fd0909e61a2f84CommunicableDiseasesAlternativeEnergyICRCEnvironmentSocietyClimateChangeConsumerAffairs

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