Search of suspect’s house in Yala Province, found many drugs and confiscated items.

Expanded inspection of the suspect's house in the area of ??Than To District, Yala Province, finding many drugs and seized items. Colonel Ekwarit Chobchuphon, spokesman for the Internal Security Operations Command Region 4, front division, revealed that from the case on February 9, 2024 at 9:00 p.m., officials from the Khiri Khet Subdistrict Protection Unit, Than To District, Yala Province, acted Duty to set up checkpoints, extraction points Operation base page and went to help the injured The motorcycle rider lost control and fell, Mr. Wan Muhammad Sukri, age 31, and was taken to the hospital. to treat injuries Later, officers inspected the scene and inspected the vehicle of Mr. Wan Muhammad Sukri. Found three .38 mm caliber bullets under the motorcycle seat. and found a suspicious object It looked like a bomb had fallen nearby. It looks like a steel bar about 15 centimeters in length with wires sticking out. Therefore blocking the area. along with coordinating officials from the explosives disposal and id entification unit Inspect suspicious objects and the evidence was successfully collected. In addition, from examining behavior Of Mr. Muhammad Sukri, it is known that he has also been convicted of drug crimes before. On February 10, 2024 at 9:00 a.m., officials expanded the results. Inspected the house without a number, Village No. 2, Khiri Khet Subdistrict, Than To District, Yala Province, which was the house Mr. Wan Muhammad Sukri Residing in the residence, the inspection found many items as follows: - 3,000 narcotics, type 1 (amphetamine), - 1 .22 caliber firearm - 1 shotgun - 1 .22 caliber ammunition. (In the process of counting) - 3 .38 caliber bullets There were also a number of items seized. At this time, it is being verified by officials to verify the exact evidence. From the seized items, it is assumed that Mr. Wan Muhammad Sukri May be one of the perpetrators of violence that aims to create a situation during important festivals At present, officials have detained Mr. Wan Muhammad Sukri. Send to inquiry center Special Unit, Ranger Regiment 41, Wang Phaya Subdistrict, Raman District, Yala Province, to continue operations in related areas. In this regard, the Internal Security Operations Command Region 4, the front section, has operated with adherence to the principles of law. and in accordance with human rights principles To drive solutions to problems and bring peace back to the people of the southern border provinces. and ask for cooperation from the people in the area If you see something unusual or suspicious persons moving in the area Report clues at the direct number of the 4th Army Region, call 061-1732999 and hotline number 1341 or special units in the area 24 hours a day.-313.-Thai News Agency Source: Thai News Agency

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