Samsung to start preorders for Galaxy Note 8 in S. Korea

SEOUL-- Samsung Electronics Co. said Wednesday it will start preorders for the Galaxy Note 8 this week, with the 64 gigabyte edition's price tag standing at 1.09 million won (US$962).

The South Korean tech giant said the preorders will start Thursday and run through Sept. 14. While the official release is slated for Sept. 21, those who make preorders will receive the device on Sept. 15.

Samsung also said the 256GB edition of the Galaxy Note 8 will come with a price tag of 1.25 million won.

The ill-fated predecessor, the Galaxy Note 7, came with a tag of 989,800 won for the 64GB edition.

The company earlier said it planned to keep the price lower than the psychologically significant level of 1 million won in South Korea but later changed the stance given the higher production costs compared with previous models.

The Galaxy Note 8 boasts a 6.3-inch display and a dual-lens camera setup. With the Infinity Display, the company has almost eliminated side bezels to give the device a simple yet immersive design up front.

The phablet boasts two 12-megapixel lenses that will allow users to take both wide-angle and telephoto shots.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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