Samsung showcases 6CA LTE modem tech

SEOUL-- Samsung Electronics Co. said Monday it has developed the industry's first long-term evolution (LTE) network modem technology, which supports the 6CA solution. It is expected to enable faster and stable data communication.

The Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology allows network operators to provide fast and stable data communication by bundling more than two frequency bands to increase bandwidth. The 6CA technology will allow the combination of six frequency bands.

Samsung Electronics said it plans to apply the 6CA 1.2 Gbps LTE modem technology on mobile processors slated to be produced at end-2017.

The South Korean tech giant first introduced the Exynos 9 in February, which adopted the 5CA technology of 1 Gbps.

Citing the research conducted by Japan-based Anritsu, Samsung Electronics said the 6CA 1.2 Gbps modem technology is 20 percent faster than existing solutions.

The 1.2 Gbps allows a device to download two hours of high-definition video content in 10 seconds.

Accordingly, Samsung said the solution will allow smartphone users to enjoy quality content through smartphones.

"The 6CA 1.2 Gbps LTE modem technology combines Samsung Electronics' capabilities of the system LSI," the company said, saying the technology will play a crucial role in helping Samsung take the lead in the fifth-generation network industry.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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