Samsung reports coronavirus infections of workers at chip plant; production unaffected

Samsung Electronics Co. said Saturday that two employees at its semiconductor plant in South Korea have tested positive for the coronavirus, but its chip production has not been affected.
Two chip production line workers at Samsung’s Hwaseong Campus in Hwaseong, about 60 kilometers south of the capital, have contracted COVID-19.
Despite the virus cases, the world’s leading memory chip producer said its production remains at normal, though it has ordered those who have come in contact with the virus-infected workers to self-isolate.
One of them took a coronavirus test at an in-house clinic Friday after displaying symptoms, such as fever and cough, according to the company. He took a summer vacation from Aug. 16-19 and was on duty on Wednesday and Thursday.
Another employee was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Friday after displaying symptoms of the virus the previous day.
Authorities have yet to determine the exact transmission routes of the two employees, the company explained.
“The two employees have been on duty wearing various safety equipment, such as masks, dustproof clothes and dustproof shoes. Moreover, the inside of the semiconductor production line is a space where the pressure is controlled by a positive pressure facility. Thus there is a slim possibility of in-house transmission of the virus,” a company official said.
Meanwhile, Samsung Display Co., a major display panel maker under Samsung Group, also reported a virus-infected worker at its facility in Asan, 90 kilometers south of Seoul.
The company said a subcontracted worker involved in upgrading its manufacturing equipment has tested positive for COVID-19. Samsung Display said it has temporarily closed the worksite of the virus-infected worker, but production has not been affected.
Some facilities at Samsung Display’s Asan Campus are under construction as the company pushes to switch its existing LCD manufacturing lines to the next-generation quantum-dot display production lines

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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