Sad parents receive the body of their daughter. The wife of “Police Sergeant” was shot dead in the car.

Police Hospital, Parents receive the body of their pregnant daughter. who was the wife of "Police Sergeant" was shot dead in the car. In the area of Prachinburi province In the case of Pol.Sgt. Sakon, Group Commander of the Investigation Division of Amnat Charoen Provincial Police. and Miss Chanson, Lao nationality, wife who was 6 months pregnant, who was found dead, shot dead inside the car. Submerged in a pond in the area of Village No. 2, Krok Sombun Subdistrict. Si Maha Phot District Prachinburi Province, today (May 14) Mrs. Kaenchan, 52 years old, and Mr. Khampu, 60 years old, Mrs. Chanson's Lao mother and father, who is 6 months pregnant, the wife of Police Sergeant Sakon, has come to receive the body. of Mrs. Chanson at forensic pathology police hospital To be taken to make merit at Wat Pho Si, Na Mor Ma Subdistrict, Mueang Amnat Charoen District. Amnat Charoen Province Mrs. Kaenchan revealed that she felt sorry for the incident. Because everything happened unexpectedly. I admit that Mrs. Chan taugh t Considered to be the pillar of the family. While still alive, she often took care of various matters within the house. Her daughter has been living in Thailand for many years. And I have been with my girlfriend who has been living in Amnat Charoen for 3 years. Since the baby was pregnant, I have always been with my girlfriend. Due to the prenatal care in Nong Khai, I did not think that this would happen to my daughter who had to be killed. I want to ask the perpetrator how he could do that to his daughter. and want to know the secret to killing Mrs. Chanson's mother and father had hoped that I will get to see my grandchild. The baby is due to be born on August 8th. She has named her grandchild Nong Carrot and has prepared gifts to welcome her grandchild. But in the end, all joyful things turned sad. I condemn the actions of the criminal group. And ask the police to prosecute them appropriately for what they have done. Source: Thai News Agency

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