S. Korean Marines announce first female chopper pilot

SEOUL, A female Marine Corps officer has been assigned to an aviation battalion after completing training as a helicopter pilot, becoming the Marines’ first-ever female chopper pilot, officials said Sunday.
Lieutenant Cho Sang-ah, 27, was assigned to Marine Corps’ 1st Division 1st Battalion as a chopper pilot after successfully completing 9 months of training. This marks the first time a female helicopter pilot was stationed at the Marines in the 71 years since its 1949 establishment.
Commissioned in 2017, Cho began her military life as an armament ammunition register and applied to become a flight officer this year after she showed keen interest while participating in landing exercises.
She will be dispatched to operations after completing additional training on Marineon utility choppers.
Cho vowed to become a Marine pilot with “the necessary capabilities required to complete any given mission with pride as the first female helicopter in the Marine Corps.”

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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