S. Korean amb. to China apologizes over alleged credit card misuse while in academia

BEIJING, South Korea’s Ambassador to China Jang Ha-sung apologized Wednesday over allegations that he inappropriately used a university credit card while in academia.
Jang made the apology during a video-linked parliamentary audit session, following revelations that 13 Korea University professors, including Jang, misused the credit card to pay a total of 66.93 million won (US$59,031) at an entertainment establishment from 2016-2019.
“That was what happened when I was a research center chief (at the university), and I would like to say that I am sorry to the members of Korea University and citizens about (the card) not being used appropriately,” he said.
Jang explained that he used the credit card six times to pay a total of 2.79 million won during his stint at the research center from 2016-2017.
But the ambassador stressed that the money was spent not at an entertainment establishment but at a restaurant, and that he has returned all the money that critics said had been inappropriately spent.
Jang, former presidential chief of staff for policy from 2017-2018, had taught at the university’s business administration department since 1990. He retired from the university last year.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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