S. Korea, U.S. finish joint military exercise

SEOUL-- South Korea and the United States on Sunday wrapped up their two-month combined defense drills amid unrelenting tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

"The Foal Eagle exercise is ending today as scheduled," a South Korean military official said.

The allies kicked off the annual Foal Eagle drills, a major field-training exercise, at the start of March involving more than 10,000 American troops including those from military bases abroad. Hundreds of thousands of South Korean soldiers joined in as well.

The U.S. troops from outside of the peninsula will soon return to their bases, added the official.

A host of strategic assets from the U.S. took part in the training, such as the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, F-35 stealth fighter jets and B-1B bombers, as a show of force.

This year's exercise came amid North Korea's continued provocations, which include ballistic missile launches and war threats.

The Vinson is on its way back to waters near Korea reportedly for another round of joint drills with South Korean warships.

"Despite the end of Foal Eagle, there will be no change in the defense posture of the South Korean and U.S. militaries," the official said.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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